2021-11-19 10:37 IT & Software Staffbase GmbH B9D000C37C Annaberger Str. 73 Dresden 09111 DE

Site Reliability Engineer

Arbeitsort: Dresden
Weitere Arbeitsorte: Chemnitz, Leipzig
Einstellungstermin: nächstmöglich

We face the challenge of an incredible growth. Year after year, we multiplied. Not only in terms of headcount and customers, but also in terms of traffic and resource usage. Our customers actively use our employee experience app on a daily basis. They rely on it, so we rely on it. We build hundreds of custom-branded apps, need to store tons of data and serve HTTP requests like warm pretzels on Oktoberfest. 

Coping with this exponential pace that we see within all parts of our infrastructure, we need to have a solid foundation which is grounded in our agile DevOps culture. We embrace Continuous Integration as well as Delivery, work in small autonomous and empowered teams taking ownership of their work and leverage state-of-the-art technology to provide exactly that: reliability.

The Role

In this exciting space we are always looking to find new team members that help us, not only to fight the hordes, but also to mature up and to build for the future. The field of cloud native applications and technology is, as we feel, one of the most lively and thrilling ones throughout the industry while its journey is just at the beginning. Being on that road, we have been active users of technologies like Prometheus, Grafana, the ELK stack, SaltStack, Docker, Kubernetes and the likes for years – and we are looking to extend that list, if it makes sense.

The Team

Working at Staffbase, fortunately, comes with working in a team of superb engineers and software craftsmen. Everyone is humble and always striving for improvement. “No bullshit” belongs to our core values just as much as the “Hunger for Growth”. For that, we do not only have a generous personal development budget for visiting our New York office, conferences or doing courses, but also conduct meet-ups, open-minded post mortems and code dojos on a regular basis. As we value mentoring and growing collectively, we share a common vision and goals as well as a passion for all things software. After that, there’s also time for some beer, a bit of laser tag or an office LAN party or goofing around with our office dogs.

Your profile

  • You like solving problems. Ideally, you’ve solved problems before.
  • Also, you enjoy digging into things and debugging.
  • You are goal-oriented and pragmatic, yet you pay attention to details and work conscientiously.
  • You are curious, ambitious and bring a willingness to learn and grow within a team of like-minded and professional people.
  • You are humble and open to reflect.
  • You value clean code, observability and testing.
  • You have the ability to prioritize tasks and work independently.
  • You like working in a team and communicating about all the challenges, big and small.
  • You enjoy automating things. And simplifying.
  • You have interest in working with these technologies: Kubernetes, Docker, Linux, Prometheus, Grafana, Elasticsearch, Kibana, MongoDB, Kafka, Redis, Azure, AWS.
  • Ideally, you also have experience in working with one of the above or SaltStack, Ansible, Puppet or Chef.

Benefits & environment

  • Work with like-minded people and top tech talent.
  • We try to be agile and not just do agile. Our organisation, processes, architecture and tech stack is constantly evolving and improving.
  • We love technology.
  • We value sustainable pace and work-life balance and we know the importance of team events outside of a work environment. Also, we value “You Build it, you run it”.
  • Hackathons, meetups, coding dojos, LAN parties, laser tag, weekly talks at our Devquila and many more awesome things.
  • Budget for conferences, workshop and so on. Next to that every employee gets a personal growth budget of 1800€ + 1 day (2 days after the first year).
  • Notebook of your choice as well as a home office setup is of course included in the package. Same goes for drinks and snacks in our office.

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